Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before and After

Remember the project that I started last summer???? The adorable Dutch Colonial that was a complete gut renovation?

Well it's complete (with a few small additions like light fixtures still on the way...). The house is so beautiful now, but it was definitely a journey getting there. I am hoping that now the house is done that my clients can enjoy this wonderful space and make it a home... and forget some of the trials they had to go through.

I wanted to share a few before and after... can you believe it?

Master Bath before:

Master Bath after:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Kitchen 2 before:

Kitchen 2 after:

Stay tuned for more photos... hopefully I can improve my camera skills!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wide Stripe Bathrooms

One of the things we didn't renovate when we did our own house was the master bath (now our son's bathroom). It had been redone in 1995 and while it was definitely not our taste, it was clean and fairly inoffensive. Fairly.

Recently we've been fixating on this bath, partially because we saw a great photo in this month's House Beautiful (Bee Cottage - Guest Wing Renovation). We happen to have that very bamboo shelf!

Like this bathroom, we have white square tile all around the room. Obviously it would be cheaper to keep it although I would love to get rid of it. This bathroom shows how cute it can be despite the tile...

This is a bathroom by Krista Ewart, a designer who is not afraid of color. I adore her style.

I've always loved these huge citron stripes (House Beautiful). Who could be cranky with a bathroom like this?

I'm having my trusty contractor Roger come by and let me know how much it will all cost... Cross your fingers!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Old Life

No, I'm not referring to my old, non-mom life. I'm talking about my old advertising life. When I was in my 20s in New York City, loved the liquid dinner, Hogs and Heifers, Walter Chin photoshoots and $400 shoes on a $25K salary. And working in advertising was as exhilarating as it looks on Mad Men - a career for the young of all-nighters (or all-weekers) fueled by crazy substances and a big printer.

When the economy turns sour, ad budgets are cut. Just like the details and jewelry and discretionary expenses are cut at home. But wow. I have seen some advertising recently that blows my mind and I just had to post about it... because it deserves a lot of attention.

Shockingly it's for Chrysler. And it's everything you don't expect from this brand - sexy, expensive, evocative.

Seriously, I might just have to buy a Chrysler.

Tonight I watched the latest ad, featuring Eminem. It's darker but equally dramatic. Wow. I miss that life - my old ad life, my New York life and that sexy richness that this drag of an economy has suffocated.

Thank you, Gotham, for bringing it back for a moment.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CB2 - Who Knew?

I got a CB2 catalogue the other day and was flipping through it before throwing it in the recycling. But I saw these pendants - the Victory Pendant Lamp - and immediately tore out the photo. There are a few pieces at CB2 right now that have the industrial feel that I love... and at $149, who can resist?

I need to replace the blown glass Rustic Pendants that I got from Pottery Barn... because they're 20" wide and handblown, they don't hang straight and it drives me crazy. I love their look, but they just don't function.

So these might be just the thing... and at this price, who can resist?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a Summer House means to me

I grew up spending summers on Lake Charlevoix in Michigan. I loved everything about being there - catching tadpoles, reading bedraggled Archie comic books, riding bikes to the Dairy Queen. I and a gaggle of cousins (and siblings of course) were so carefree, and without a television, we entertained each other.

That house inspired my design aesthetic. The feeling of summer - casual, comfortable, safe and breezy. Unfortunately we don't go out to Michigan that much anymore. It's an expensive trip by plane, and a lengthy one by car with a 3 year old who hates traveling. Oh that it were closer...

This is the coveted bedroom in Charlevoix... chenille bedspreads and diamond panes. One of my favorite dealers at Brimfield is a great source for pairs of bedspreads.

And of course beadboard everywhere. The ceiling, the walls... in Charlevoix it's just varnished and everything is warm and cozy. Even in the summer we light the fire in this gorgeous fieldstone fireplace and wait for the cuckoo clock to chirp and let us know it's time to do... anything.

This summer we spent 3 weeks in Little Compton, Rhode Island with my in-laws in two different houses. It has a similar feel to that spot in Michigan - big, shingled houses with comfortable wicker and beadboard. And a huge plus - the breathtaking ocean and its salty, sticky breeze. I wish I could live here all year. We stayed in two different houses this year... the one above on Warren's Point and the one below at Round Pond. While the Warren's Point house was gorgeous from the outside and had a beautiful view of the ocean, this sweet Round Pond cottage was at the end of a private lane and was lovingly decorated with all things summer.

So what did I love about the house here?

The driftwood framed nautical map... the Little Compton trophy and sweet vintage wooden boats.

The gorgeous teal painted floors and tongue and groove paneled walls...

Open shelving for ironstone, old and new...

A collection of heart-shaped rocks...

The antique decoupaged dresser and ubiquitous fans (although the ocean breeze means we didn't need them much)...

If you're interested in renting a house in Little Compton, ask for Lisa at Little Compton Real Estate - she's amazing. And hopefully we'll be back next summer for longer!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Project

I've been so busy with my latest project that I haven't been posting. Not that I was posting much even before that... but I love to be busy and there it is. However I would like to share this home with you and the owners, L and B, have graciously agreed to let me document this gut renovation.

I feel very fortunate that my own architect, Jeff Yates, recommended me for this project. He is the rare architect (and I come from a family of them so I know...) who is completely devoid of a strong ego. He is not only a wonderful designer, with a lovely, flowing sense of space, but he's open to ideas. Anyway, he saw my passion for this work on my own house, my experience from Pottery Barn... and voila! A new chapter in my design career.

This house is a total gut renovation. It's a charming, cottage-y Dutch Colonial with a gambrel roof that was built in the 1920s here in Concord, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, previous owners had a few too many wine coolers in the 80s and built this entryway and family room on the back.

Need I say more?

Stay tuned for gorgeous inspiration photos... even though the house isn't huge we're touching almost every room. Five bathrooms, kitchen, entryways, dining room... it's going to be amazing! We're almost done with demo and framing, so we're kicking into high gear.

And stay tuned for an update to my website... a new career is an excuse for a new look!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Finds

How did this whole week race by? I have so many exciting things to post on my new project... and the days went by in a blur.

However, I am committed to my new Friday Finds. It seems they were popular last week - things got snatched up quickly! So here we go...

I'm loving this pair of chairs. Recovered in navy with white piping? $100

This very sweet antique couch is a delicious shade of bubblegum. Perfect for a bedroom or child's room: $575

This charming pair of wingbacks screams for adorable box pleat skirts. Or cover them in leather and nailheads - very Ralph: $50 (oh yes, that's for TWO).

OK, this couch looks scary. But it's fabulous, and read the description. Antique wicker with the original spring cushion. That means sturdy and comfortable - recover with some Beth Rawlinson fabric and you're done: $125

Love Rachel Ashwell furniture (and I'm not talking about Target pieces)? I do... but they're expensive. This table is available (from Wellesley, natch) and it's perfect for the kitchen, or put in a corner of the library and pile on the books: $800 (originally $1600)

Lastly, this bed is gorgeous. Really gorgeous. It's at an Ebay auction drop, so maybe you can negotiate the price. But it's worth it, especially if you're tired of PBK and Land of Nod for children's beds. $600

Let me know what you pick up!