Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wide Stripe Bathrooms

One of the things we didn't renovate when we did our own house was the master bath (now our son's bathroom). It had been redone in 1995 and while it was definitely not our taste, it was clean and fairly inoffensive. Fairly.

Recently we've been fixating on this bath, partially because we saw a great photo in this month's House Beautiful (Bee Cottage - Guest Wing Renovation). We happen to have that very bamboo shelf!

Like this bathroom, we have white square tile all around the room. Obviously it would be cheaper to keep it although I would love to get rid of it. This bathroom shows how cute it can be despite the tile...

This is a bathroom by Krista Ewart, a designer who is not afraid of color. I adore her style.

I've always loved these huge citron stripes (House Beautiful). Who could be cranky with a bathroom like this?

I'm having my trusty contractor Roger come by and let me know how much it will all cost... Cross your fingers!


Unknown said...

Awesome pictures and the decor are also very nice in looking. I'm a huge fan of stripes. :)

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parenting articles said...

i love the one with the pink stripes:)