Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Finds

How did this whole week race by? I have so many exciting things to post on my new project... and the days went by in a blur.

However, I am committed to my new Friday Finds. It seems they were popular last week - things got snatched up quickly! So here we go...

I'm loving this pair of chairs. Recovered in navy with white piping? $100

This very sweet antique couch is a delicious shade of bubblegum. Perfect for a bedroom or child's room: $575

This charming pair of wingbacks screams for adorable box pleat skirts. Or cover them in leather and nailheads - very Ralph: $50 (oh yes, that's for TWO).

OK, this couch looks scary. But it's fabulous, and read the description. Antique wicker with the original spring cushion. That means sturdy and comfortable - recover with some Beth Rawlinson fabric and you're done: $125

Love Rachel Ashwell furniture (and I'm not talking about Target pieces)? I do... but they're expensive. This table is available (from Wellesley, natch) and it's perfect for the kitchen, or put in a corner of the library and pile on the books: $800 (originally $1600)

Lastly, this bed is gorgeous. Really gorgeous. It's at an Ebay auction drop, so maybe you can negotiate the price. But it's worth it, especially if you're tired of PBK and Land of Nod for children's beds. $600

Let me know what you pick up!