Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rhode Island Antiques Mall - Part Deux

I recently went back to RI Antiques Mall and it's still fabulous. In fact there are some new vendors with industrial pieces that I just loved. I was just emailed by the owner of the booth shown above and below, which I featured before. Gary Briggs has an amazing selection of camp pieces - signs, camp blankets, twig furniture. If you'd like to see his style in action, be sure to check out this article that features photos of his home.

I loved this store display cabinet. And it was cheap - $1195 - with beautiful hardware and gorgeous wavy glass.

I am always on the lookout for beautiful Jenny Lind/spindle beds.

Well spindle anything actually... I like the marriage of organic, turned shapes with simple furniture. This piece would be a great desk or hall table.

My newest favorite vendor on the 1st floor. No idea who it is, but a fabulous selection of industrial pieces. Stay tuned for photos of what I bought in this booth.

I also loved these pieces - a large wooden propeller, an industrial-chic drafting table (enormous, but could be used as a kitchen island) and this workbench chair. I love these chairs because they can be adjusted up or down and have a back. For children, this is a great sturdy stool...

Stay tuned for my posts on Portland, Maine!


kayce hughes said...

such a treat. my best friend lived in Kittery and we would drive up from NYC 6 times a year and spend lots of time antiquing. That was before I moved so about 20 years ago.
thanks for bringing back some fun memories.

Zane Wooder said...

I didn't know 1195 was cheap for a big cabinet like that but then again I don't know how much cabinets cost.