Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cambridge Antique Market - Don't Bother

Yelp LOVES the Cambridge Antique Market. On the advice of 22 reviewers, I made the journey to check it out (unfortunately through rush hour traffic).

I am not sure what to write. This place is a disaster, and certainly calling it an "antique market" is marginal at best. It is not even a flea market, but rather a repository for anything missing a spare leg that is dirty enough to be called vintage.

OK, that's a little harsh, but don't waste your gas (it's almost embarrassing that I'm actually writing about this place).

For those who happen to be at the Museum of Science and feel an uncontrollable urge to look at antiques, there are two bright spots. Dealer 44 and Dealer 220. These dealers have edited their collections beautifully and fortunately have some experience in merchandising. Everything they have looks expensive and interesting.

Dealer 44, Booth 1:

Dealer 220; Dealer 44, Booth 2:

Not interesting enough to buy. But interesting.


Mary said...

Man - don't you HATE that! I always assumed anyplace in the East would be fabulous. Happy hunting and love your blog

Antique Therapy said...

I just found your blog through For the love of a house. I used to be a dealer in North Bridge Antiques in Concord downtown. I wish I would have found your blog when I was there. I recently moved out due to high rent. I am now in Sterling at Oh My Gosh Antiques AKA The Cider MIll. Its a group shop with about 100 dealers. I am in one of the large rooms with my friend Amy. My business name is Antique Therapy and hers is Thisltbees. I have more info on my blog too at antiquetherapy.com. The Mill is a cool place to antique. Prices are good, and their is alot of ecclectic things to find. The dealers are getting better every month!! if you get the chance come check us out, Id love to meet you. I am usually there on Tuesdays. By the way love your blog. I would love to switch links with you. It's so nice to see another fellow blogger from Mass who loves antiques as much as I do!! I have already bookmarked your site! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Zane Wooder said...

I'm sure if you look hard enough there is treasure somewhere in there.