Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love antiques - Rhode Island Antiques Mall

I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) antique destinations. I have just remembered to bring my camera on these excursions, otherwise I would have been posting about this earlier. Antiquing tops my list of favorite things to do, but with an extremely active toddler who loves to "bang" there haven't been many antique trips recently.

This post I am going to share one of my favorite consignment stores, the Rhode Island Antiques Mall, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (right over the border from Massachusetts). Some people find consignment stores terrifying, but I love them. They have many different dealers and you just have to paw through the various booths. My motto with these is "you never know."

This place got a bad rap for a while by true antiques aficionados because it had so much mid-century stuff. However I think it has a great selection of dealers and I have always been successful there.

Here is a shot of one of my favorite dealer's booths. He has a varied and ever-changing selection of vintage painted trade signs, and unlike many consignment dealers, really merchandises his pieces in groups. Today he had a sweet set of vintage wooden sailboats, as well as some of my favorite (but awfully pricey) antique metal spades in yellow. He's on the lower level...

I spotted this fabulous coffee table that was $275, a fair price since it's really challenging to find antique coffee tables. FYI, most of them are old farm tables whose legs have been cut down. I believe I persuaded a very cute couple to buy this one, so you'll probably have missed it!

A charming black painted desk for $80, and a vintage school chalkboard for $70 (not to mention the very cool galvanized bucket... perfect for keeping brooms and cleaning supplies, tennis rackets and hockey sticks... whatever!

This Swedish bench is priced RIGHT at $950. Usually I see them hovering around $3000. This one had new supports on the inside to stabilize it, but other than that was in great condition. Bench lifts up for storage. The sweet marble bust at right, for $185, has been speaking to me for the past couple of visits. Interestingly the head is a separate piece of marble, carefully inserted into the base of a slightly different shade. I think she is so cute, with her little side bow. Perfect for a library shelf.

Go and visit and let me know what you find!


for the love of a house said...

Isabella- Love it! Keep 'em coming!! We have yet to make it to RI, but this will go in my book to hit when we finally make it there! Thanks!
We went to the 'quiet corner' in CT yesterday, to a good mall we've been to before in Putnam.
Are there any antique 'rows' in Boston? I know they have lots of individual shops, but any specific spot where they are clustered?

Mary said...

Oh I would take that sweet bust in a heartbeat! Thanks for the tip. Loving your blog by-the-way

Milk and Honey Group said...

I know Putnam well. I bought a pile of things there about six months ago from this INSANE dealer. Literally insane. I haven't found a cluster like that in the Boston area - I find it very peculiar. However I have found the motherlode in Maine - am going to post on that soon. You'll love it and it's a quick trip (1 1/4 hours from us...).

Sarah's Fab Day said...

These photos make my heart pitter-pat, I adore antiquing.

Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks for the awesome plug on RI Antiques and specifically my booth! Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the "pricey" shovels, but people should always feel free to ask for a discount or make an offer. I tend to be very reasonable and if I have room I'm happy to make a sale.

My home in Boston was featured in the Boston Globe Magazine and on Here's the links:

Anonymous said...

ooppss!! Forgot to include the links:

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John Kuntz said...

I was wrongly accused of shoplifting by the owner of RIAM. She called the police and threatened to have me arrested unless I returned an item that I had allegedly "put in my pocket and walked out of the store with".
When said item was then found, I was offered no apology, and continued to be treated like a thief, even when it was clear that I had done nothing wrong. This is a TERRIBLE was to run a business. On Yelp, there are similar stories of customer abuse by RIAM. It is clearly a problem. I will never set foot in that place again, and will continue to inform people of how poorly I was treated by RIAM. Customers and dealers need to know.