Monday, October 13, 2008

Wolfman Gold and Good

Fall makes me think of New York and the years I spent there post-college working in advertising, living in the Village. My last job in NYC was at a fashion agency in Soho - such an inspiring, pulsating place to be.

I still mourn the closing of the best-ever interiors store (in NYC, natch), Wolfman-Gold and Good which was on Mercer Street. The store closed in 1999 when Peri Wolfman, one of the founders (her husband Charles Good started it with her) was lured away by Williams Sonoma to create their tabletop collection. Sigh. I know the lure of WS, that's for sure.

Wolfman-Gold and Good was in a soaring space with glowing wide-plank floors, industrial lighting and piles of delicious, gleaming ironstone. Before Martha and Ralph did ironstone.

I found a few interior photos (they really don't do the store justice, you just don't get the sense of vast space... but who had a digital camera in 1995?), courtesy of one of their store display companies, Archatrive.

I bought my first white sofa there, a slipcovered delight from Mitchell Gold. It was truly an amazing retail space with a carefully selected collection of special, beautiful merchandise. I only wish that I could pop in there for ideas, inspiration and shopping now that I own my own house.

In searching for some photos of the store, I found the amazing photos of Peri Wolfman and Charles Gold's country house, in Bridgehampton, and one of their apartment in New York. You can see why I dream of their store...

Famous for their ironstone... don't miss the copper collection up top!

Here's to New York in the fall... and to those of you who miss Wolfman-Gold and Good as much as I do.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

I have been wondering WHY you never hear of WG&G anymore! Well how about that. I remember seeing a write-up with this home featured.

seac said...

I too mourn the loss of this shop. Truly an inspiration and it is greatly missed.

A space to wallow around and enjoy the comforts and get great ideas!

for the love of a house said...

I bet the shop was Amazing.... I have the 'Forks, Knives and Spoons' book- a really great little book and such beautiful photos.

Bigooey said...

I went to High School with Peri--as early as 10th Grade we called her "Perfect Peri" - she must have been born with most amazing sense of style. Plus she was very popular, cheerleader, etc. I have followed her career since the Internet began, plus articles in the Times and other publications. She is amazing.

kayce hughes said...

Have you ever read their book on organizing? it is beyond inspiring, i think that you would love it.

Unknown said...

I had the GREAT fortune to work with Peri at the inception of the Williams Sonoma product development team in SF. I designed collections with their team as a consultant for 3 years. Peri is visionary, warm, funny and a true thought leader in home design, product and beyond. She has the most exquisite taste of any one I have ever worked with. I was lucky enough to travel with her to Maison Objet in Paris and go to the Clignancourt Flea Markets with her for projects we were working on at WS. We even volunteered on the phone banks when Gore was running, she is passionate about justice and doing the right thing. Next week I will be traveling for my magazine ( and my blog, to do a honeymoon story on the big apple. I am crossing my fingers that I will be drinking a glass of wine with her soon, as she is a busy creative gal and a very involved grandmother. I miss her humor and I wish I had been in NYC to see that store, which informed the table top division of WS for years to come. Peri, I raise a glass to you in 2010, you are amazing....XOCarolyn

Zane Wooder said...

I can't believe you brought your first sofa there.