Sunday, October 5, 2008

White... with a big splash of color

I have kept the article on Josephine Sasso's Nantucket house from Domino. I think her living spaces are lovely, but her bedrooms are really inspired and seem to show her inner whimsy. It looks like she is having fun and I love how the color pops against the stark white.

My mom bought me two 50s cowboy spreads in muted tones of chocolate, rose and maize at Brimfield for my birthday from this incredible woman - Judy Chenille - who deals in very special chenille bedspreads (I collect them). I am painting two Jenny Lind beds bright yellow and will use a third spread (solid rose) for an accent to tie it all together. I love the colors and think despite the cowboys/indian theme that the room could be perfect for a boy or girl. I'll post photos of the fabrics later. But for now... Ms Sasso's home.

I have to admit, she looks super cute in that dress (her own design). And I like the juxtaposition of the long drapes with the scalloped skirt on the couch.

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