Monday, October 6, 2008

Sconces... via Atlanta

I was flipping through Cottage Living (why is there so much PURPLE?) at the hairdresser and saw these really pretty hurricane lanterns featured.

I thought "I have seen these lanterns elsewhere in Martha Stewart." Sure enough, I had bookmarked Lars Bolander in NYC as the source. At $350/each (and they just take candles, no bulbs), I was seduced but not sold.

I assumed I would find the same source in Cottage Living, but no! These are the Alta Vista hurricane sconces from Mrs. Howard in Atlanta. I called them up and voila! $189/each. They even emailed me the photo of the piece and it is the same lantern as from SeƱor Lars. I am going to have them wired and hang them in the dining room and entryway.

So you choose... Lars for $350 on the left, and Mrs. Howard for $189 on the right.


Dianne said...

A little research is a good thing!!!

Catherine at Design Editor said...

Great find! Thanks for the tip.

Loving your blog, too!