Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall on Monument Street

It's fall in Concord... isn't it breathtaking? The left photo is the carefully pruned maple by our garage. The right photo is looking out to the Minute Man Park (for those of you who forgot 11th grade history... it's where the opening battle of the Revolutionary War occurred and it is absolutely gorgeous, peaceful and down-in-your-soul restorative all year round).

Well things are happening... the cabinets by Crown Point are going in. And they're gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I was worried about the paint color but it's perfect.

The tile is almost done (it's a handmade subway tile glazed aqua by Pratt and Larson). Poor Roger... I made him take it all down because it wasn't perfect. And now, strip by strip, he is putting it back up. He is from Florida and the bathroom is cold, so cold tile, wet saw and no heat are taking their toll. But doesn't it look beautiful? I am so glad I went with something cool and dramatic.

The de-leaded front doors... ready to be repainted (and loving that there is a doorknob and a lock again). See that big round brass thing? That's the original doorbell. You turn a key on the outside and it rings. Fabulous.

Stay tuned for my update on the fireplace!


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love this! Your doorbell is the coolest.

Cool Stuff said...
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Cool Stuff said...

sorry! didn't paste my second question!
Hi...I've been following your blog, love the cabinets. Can you tell me what door style you picked? Love it. I can't quite see the detail in the photo. Also, what finish? Is it off white? We are considering CP and it's nice to see real photos from actual jobs. What kind of counters/backsplash are you going with?
Sara L

Milk and Honey Group said...

Sorry - I didn't see your questions until now! We picked the Barnstead door, and the paint color is Antique White. As you can see from the most recent photo, we did a 5 cm Venetino Marble (some part of the Carrara quarry that is whiter), and white crackle subway tile backsplash from Tile Showcase.

for the love of a house said...

Gorgeous front doors!