Friday, September 12, 2008

To paint white or not to...

I am finally in the process of choosing colors for the house. What a long haul! I have been looking at my extensive collection of tears, and all of them feature houses with gallons of white paint. But to pull the trigger and edit out colors is something I haven't done before. I always love a pale blue bedroom, and rich khakis and chocolate browns for libraries/offices. So... to white or not to white?

The key issues are...
1) the house on the first floor is extremely open, so the color palette has to be very limited.
2) the light tends to skew a little grey in the house, so I want to balance that with yellow undertones in whatever colors I choose. I fear choosing cool tones will make the rooms feel cold.

I am going to paint all of the trim Simply White (Benjamin Moore) in eggshell or semigloss, and the walls in matte. Simply White is a white without grey/khaki/green undertones (unlike Decorator's White or White Dove, some very popular choices), which I think is important to give that glow. It also happens to be on every surface of my current inspiration.

Of course, take all swatches shown here as a guide... web colors are nowhere near true colors.

Wow, that doesn't look white at all. It just looks dirty.

For the walls I am thinking about Mayonnaise, Grand Teton, Atrium White or just Simply White in the matte finish. I ordered many swatches from Benjamin Moore today - we'll see how I feel when I get them!

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heidiszen said...

I came across your blog searching for white paint suggestions. You sound just like me. I am going crazy. I thought I wanted cloud white but it seemed to creamy then I tried simply white which I was sure would be the one. I love how it looks in pics. Our house has a deep porch that runs along the front of the house and causes the simply white to look creamy in these shadows in natural light. I'm hoping it will look white when I paint the walls and ceilings simply white. In the rest of the house it looks white as I expected. Now I am contemplating if decorators white is the way to go so I will be sure to get the white in the foyer and front room. Enough about my issues.... so how do you like the simply white that you went with. Did it throw any creaminess and are you ok with it?
Hope you can give me some advice.