Monday, September 29, 2008

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures...

There are only a few lighting fixtures left for my sweet little farmhouse. Sconces for the hallway and the dining room, and four exterior fixtures to replace the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fixtures chosen by the previous owners.

Outdoor light fixtures are difficult. Everyone in Concord has the requisite onion lamp which is a wonderful design (and offers a rounded edge to the linear colonial and Victorian architecture), but according to some research was used on fishing schooners. The onion globe, because it was round, shed a lot of light, protected the flame from rain and wind and was difficult to break.

Now in case you haven't looked at a map, Concord is not even CLOSE to the water (much to my dismay). And if I was going to break historical rules and go with the maritime theme, I think I would go with something like this (both of these fixtures courtesy of Nauset Lantern Shop):

Now this fixture is just COOL. But it doesn't really go on a farmhouse, let's be honest. And if you really look for outdoor fixtures, you'll be depressed by a) how ugly they are b) how cheap they look and c) how many ugly and cheap fixtures are actually produced and make someone some money somewhere.

Well I took a big risk (BIG). I chose the Sebring fixture by Sea Gull Lighting:

Now this falls into category B. It looks cheap. At least in this photo... But I like the design. It just so happens that it was featured in Sunset Magazine's Monterey Idea House this month and looks fantastic! Just what I was hoping for. So I ordered 4 in the weathered copper finish from Lighting New York (will keep you posted on service from this vendor).

Here is the clip from Sunset (by the way, if you live out west or love California style, get a subscription to this magazine. I almost worked there as a CD and it is really a special publication with wonderful recipes, garden advice and home decor in a practical, stylish format). Farmhouse-y, outdoor and affordable (about $130/fixture).


Kristin Joy said...
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for the love of a house said...

Were you pleased with the light fixture and finish you ordered?

Milk and Honey Group said...

I was very pleased. The fixture's glass dome is seedy glass so it looks antique. Actually I spoke with our architect this morning and he commented on them and really liked them (he hadn't seen them previously). I like that they are barn-y but not TOO utilitarian.

Unknown said...

I also like the lighting fixture that you chose! It's pretty at perfect for a farm house! "Barn-y but not TOO utilitarian." - I totally agree with you! They looked like the lamps from decades ago! Good choice!

Allison Shallenberger