Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Foyer

Our foyer is extremely dreary these days. EXTREMELY dreary, as in bordering on tragic. Partially it is because the glorious diamond-pane front doors are still not installed (lead paint contractors - ugh) which will obviously be remedied. The lightbulb has burnt out on the one working light in the house. And the sad, sad grey paint is not helping matters (I love grey, but this color is not attractive).

I have a few foyer inspirations that I wanted to share... I particularly love the Hunter boots (of which I just happen to have a pair in green). If only I had that Range Rover... but I digress.

This particular runner (on creamy white paint which looks fabulous) is from Woodard Weave and is warm and casual yet tailored. Woodard Weave is creating rugs in 19th c traditions - Amish, Shaker, Pennsylvania. Similar to Elizabeth Eakins (don't even get me started on their terrible customer service and marginal quality... ever used an absorbent white t-shirt as a rug? Try paying several thousand dollars for the rug and then having the dog walk over it once and it's ruined... long story) and the lower priced Dash and Albert, but I feel with a bit more depth of color.

I spoke with Woodard Weave today (Blanche Greenstein, one of the owners, was absolutely delicious on the phone), and the rugs are surprisingly affordable (she estimated at $1000 for the stairs) and they have an installer that they depend upon in Massachusetts. Wow.

This staircase is more like the one in our farmhouse... dark banister, limited detailing on the spindles. I am debating whether to varnish the treads and then add the runner or just paint the whole thing white and add the runner. Thoughts?

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