Thursday, June 12, 2008

Here's the house

Well this is the big BEFORE, with the help of my trusty assistant.

Note the Mondrian-inspired cement-esque panels in attractive shades of rust and grey. Wait until you see the back of the house.

The original door on the left, and the new door added in 1995. Unfortunately there are two doors going to the same space. Cross your fingers as we go before Concord's Historic Commission.

I guess I didn't take a photo of the back this time... but I'll share one of the original realty listing photos. Ack! Apparently the architect is very well-regarded and this panel extravaganza is his M.O. Personally I think it's incredibly self-indulgent. Sorry, Gary.

The kitchen... or galley if you will.

And the infamous staircase. You know who tried to put his head through the rails on his first visit. It's cool... if you live in a loft (and we did that, circa 2003).

There is a certain "rec room" quality to the whole thing... oh my, this is a big project.

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