Monday, May 5, 2008

Stonington, Connecticut

My mom and I took a short road trip to Stonington, Connecticut this Sunday. Our official purpose was to evaluate her mother of the bride dress being made by Barraza. Who cares about a silk dress/pant/jacket/top when you can poke about for antiques? This town is RIDICULOUSLY cute - like Martha's Vineyard (although via 95) before it was wrecked by New Yorkers.

She has been telling me about a fabulous antique store she thought I would love for ages. And it was fantastic. It's called Antiques, Ltd and it's at 530 Stonington Road. They have an incredible inventory of antiques, reproductions and upholstered pieces (all in white muslin so you can see their true shape). I could have taken one of everything, but will wait until the house is done. I drooled over a canary yellow Bamboo cabinet, and this white sofa, which is fabulous because it's not too tall.

I did purchase a white porcelain bird from the clearance shelf for $10. I think it will work nicely with my ironstone!

Two other antique stores of note in Stonington. Grand & Water Antiques (at left) at 145 Water Street, in Stonington Borough. They had a delicious Swedish "breakfast set" which was basically a robin egg's blue set of dishes. And a fabulous antique foot warmer for the fireplace that read "Home Sweet Home." Devon House Antiques & Gallery (at right), 72 Water Street, had a lot of wonderful, warm wood pieces. Also a place to return when I'm looking for that perfect farm table.

Devon House showcases a lot of painters, and while most were rather forgettable, one - Sarah Blair - really captured me. She creates teeny tiny little paintings of seascapes that are so touching, moody and intimate. Here is a photo of her studio, and I have just emailed her to ask if I could see more of her work!

Thanks Mom for such a fantastic introduction!

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Erin Gates said...

I used to have a summer home down teh street from the Borough. It is simply to die for adorable. Next time you want to go, get a room at the Inn at Stonington . Each room is decorated differently and it is just perfection!!