Saturday, May 3, 2008

The crème de la crème of cabinetry

I have two words. Christopher Peacock. Don't know who that is or what it refers to? That's very sad for you. I'm talking about the most exquisite cabinetry you have ever seen. Like don't even set foot in their showroom if you don't have $200K to spare.

And this exquisite bath...

Well I think this is all absurd. Why is this vanity gorgeous? The hardware - those lucite pulls are delicious. Head to Period Furniture Hardware at 123 Charles Street in Boston and you can spiff up even an Ikea bath cabinet. I can't wait to buy mine.

As for the kitchen, I just got a bid on my cabinetry from Homestead Kitchens in Acton, MA. They sell Quality Custom Cabinets and Signature cabinets - both gorgeous. And for a cool $33K, I can have my cabinets in the style of Christopher Peacock without the absurd price. Signature developed a door to replicate the Christopher Peacock look - it's called the Ridgeview and is available this year for the first time. Oh and lest you think that price absurd (let's be honest, it's all ridiculous) it also includes my hardware courtesy of Top Knobs.

In antique pewter, I bring you M206, the Cumberland knob and M210, the Mayfair cup pull!!

Bring it on Señor Peacock.

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