Friday, April 25, 2008

Windsor Smith

Although I find Windsor Smith herself a bit irritating (if you have seen the photo of her with the riding boots, you'll know what I mean), her designs are really gorgeous with a definite sense of humor (and just a touch of pretension). I love the kitchen of her own home and it reconfirms my love of white marble, white paint and pendants:

Her bathroom designs... which to choose?

And these bedrooms are lovely. A big fan of the painted floor, which I won't be using unfortunately.

I love this nursery - anyone know where to get those lovely fabric letters?

This kitchen has been EVERYWHERE on the internet. And I don't even read blogs. The painted floor is so gutsy and fun. I wonder if these folks have a dog. Ha.


Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE this painted floor. If only I weren't renting I would be buying paint as we speak. sigh.

Adriene Rathbun said...

The painted floor looks gorgeous - but I think of how it would show everything and be slick when wet.

Great post! I love her style too!