Sunday, April 27, 2008

White Ironstone

I adore white ironstone. In multiple colors the look would be cluttered, but in white it looks like sculpture. I have about 5 saved Ebay searches that update me daily on ironstone that's available. For our new house, it fits right in with the farm aesthetic - here is a little info courtesy of Martha.

Ironstone dates to the early 1800; the name and its formula, containing the mineral feldspar, were patented in 1813 by Charles Mason of Staffordshire, England. By the 1830s, enterprising British potters recognized a potential market among rural American families buying china for the first time. They put together services of snowy-white ironstone, predicting that its simplicity and affordability would appeal to the no-frills aesthetic associated with American country life. These pieces, given names such as graniteware, stoneware, pearl china, or feldspar china, are now all categorized as ironstone.

Anyway, I have a new BFF named Scott, who just sold me his entire fabulous collection of ironstone. THE ENTIRE COLLECTION. Thank you Scott, you just made 2008. Here are some photos that he took with his camera phone (impressive in my opinion).


Robyn said...

I want to start collecting ironstone... what are your search terms on ebay?

Milk and Honey Group said...

Hi Robyn-
I actually don't buy ironstone on Ebay unless it's a very specific piece I'm looking for and can search for (i.e. ironstone cake plate). I think it's really overpriced on Ebay.

I found most of my collection from a person who was selling their collection on Craig's List. This was an unusual find, but I have seen ironstone not infrequently on Craig's List. Where are you located? I could suggest some stores too...

jojogirl said...

I have inherited my mother's most impressive collection of Ironstone. She had an antique shop in her home for many years, and after closing it, used her Ironstone as daily china, which I grew up using and admiring. She also has an unbelievable collection of Ironstone pitchers and platters.
I have not decided if I want to keep the collection or sell it.
Would love to talk to someone about it.
It is an absolutely gorgeous collection.

Milk and Honey Group said...

Well I'd love to know more... you can send me an email at izzyce AT gmail dot com!

Zane Wooder said...

I'd love to see all your china sometime.