Monday, April 28, 2008

Ruby Beets, Sag Harbor

As I mentioned, I got the first bid on cabinetry the other day. I am still reeling. Anyway, seeking to trim down (or I'm going to have to staple gun cardboard boxes to the wall) I am separating out the dining room cabinetry which I had originally wanted in favor of a freestanding piece of furniture. I was inspired by this piece from Sharone Einhorn's home, an owner of Ruby Beets in Sag Harbor.

And I just so happened to find on Craig's List, this very interesting piece of furniture. And because it is a reproduction, I might just paint it. What do you think?

Painting this would be a project. Let's get back to some soothing images.

To read House Beautiful's article on Ruby Beets, go here.

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