Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feed Sacks

One of my favorite stores in the area is Hudson. The owner/designer has a great mix of vintage, shabby, mid century, Hollywood Regency and new (from companies like Oly Studio).

After seeing some of their pillows, I got inspired to start collecting feed sacks, especially those that have interesting American typography. The feed sack seems particularly apropos to a farmhouse, as you are re-purposing fabric that would have been on hand. After I choose dining room chairs, I am going to upholster the seats with the sacks. They'll be durable (after all they held grain and were stored in damp, drafty barns) and since they're not very expensive (gotta love ebay) I can replace the seats as necessary.

Right now the majority of the ones I purchased have the Bemis logo. Bemis was a gunny sack company that was founded in Missouri. During the Civil War they started making burlap sacks because of the shortage of cotton. Who knew?

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